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Tree Solutions of Central Florida provides expert evaluation and removal of Palm Trees for our Daytona Beach and Volusia County area customers. Palm Trees require attention and may need removing for many reasons. We are also experts in pruning and cutting. Our company and staff offer fast evaluation and estimates in cost and time for our customers. Tree Solutions has some of the most experienced workers and climbers in the area. We get the job done fast, safe and on time. Whether you are needing removal and disposal of Palm Trees, Oaks and any other natural structure, our tree services company is here to help!

Cutting and Removal

Tree Solutions prides itself in our expertise for cutting and removing Palm Trees. We take great care for any surrounding trees or structures so as not to disturb the rest of your property and landscape. Reasons for removing and cutting palm trees could be to clear away space on your property, remove a hazardous situation or the tree is dying.

Palm trees can begin to die and there are several reasons why. These reasons include:

Root Damage
Over or under Watering
Poor Soil makeup
Over Pruning


Tree Pruning requires a plan and attention to detail. In most situations, these trees should be maintained with pruning at least once or twice per year. Many times our customers require full palm tree removal services. Other important reasons for regular trimming and pruning is dead palm tree leaves that fall to the ground can become fire hazards and they can also harbor insects.

Types Of Florida Palm Trees

Our customers in Volusia County own property with many of the different types of Palm Trees we have in Florida. They Include:

Yellow Palm - Butterfly Palm
Bismarck Trees
Bottle Palms
Chinese Fan - Chinese Fountain Trees
Lady Palms

Our Tree Service

We promise to make our customer's need our first priority. Our entire staff is focused on giving the very best customer care and service when considering any tree related work. We are fully focused on safety and finishing every work project on time. We will come out and provide a free palm tree removal estimate at your home or business in as little as a day and can often have your palms removed in less than 24 hours.

We are licensed and insured in Volusia County, Florida as a tree service and we provide friendly, professional, and fast service county wide! CONTACT US for your free Tree Service Estimate and Evaluation or CALL (386) 843-7578

Volusia County residents and business owners choose Tree Solutions Florida, LLC for professional palm tree removal services in the areas below. Our Company is available for appointments or emergencies!

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