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The following are common questions and answers related to Tree Service Work and help for homeowners with tree maintenance and removal concerns. We are always focused on assisting and helping our customers with any questions they may have.

When should a tree be removed?

It is not always easy for someone to decide if a tree on their property should be removed. We live in an area of many wonderful tree types, but sometimes removing a tree is necessary. One way you can tell if tree removal may be needed is if the tree is hitting or creating a hazard or potential damage to something on your property or someone else’s property. Another reason is if you can see that the tree looks like it’s damaged or dying. We utilize our certified arborist to examine any trees that you are unsure about whether to trim the tree or remove it. Our experienced tree experts are fully trained to examine your tree and property to give the proper evaluation and recommendation. Using this information will help us decide whether a tree can be saved or not. We value the many beautiful trees we have in Florida, and we will only recommend that a tree should be removed if we can show you exactly why or you fully decide that the tree should be cut down and disposed of.

Why is pruning and trimming important?

Tree pruning is very important for safety, beauty and the overall health of your tree. Broken or dying/dead tree limbs and branches can be hazardous if they break and fall. This can be caused by strong winds from a storm or dead limbs just break off for no reason at all. Tree branches and limbs can grow out too big - causing them to hit your home or extend onto your neighbor’s property. pruning can also help make a tree look more beautiful and give your property a more attractive look all around. Pruning can give you a better view of your of things outside of your property. Tree Solutions of Daytona Beach provides the safest and quickest pruning of tree in Volusia County Florida. Our expert Arborist is always available to supervise and offer guidance.

How will my property be protected if a tree needs to be removed?

Tree Solutions of Volusia County takes every precaution to protect your home and property. We have one of the most experienced crews you will find with any tree service company. We utilize the newest and safest equipment on every job and project we engage in. It is our goal to make your property look as beautiful as possible by the time the job is finished. Our customer's are regularly amazed at our level of effectiveness and cleanliness.

How can I determine if my Palm Tree is Healthy?

There are many ways to see if your palm tree is unhealthy. One way is to look for broken fronds that need to be removed before they break off and cause damage to the tree. You also want to look for palm flowers and fruit stalks. These can absorb energy which will delay the growth of the tree. Potassium deficiency is a common problem with our Florida palm trees. This condition will cause yellow spotting on some of the older leaves. A Palm tree that is lacking potassium shouldn't be pruned or trimmed, as this will cause more fronds to die or become unhealthy. If you have a tree that is too far gone or you do not wish to keep, you can contact us for our full Palm Tree Removal Service

What is an Arborist?

A Certified Arborist has a large range of tree knowledge about the health, type and needs of trees, plants, hedges and what factors effect them. Our arborist evaluates our tree service projects for our Volusia County Florida homeowners and businesses. You must pass a certified exam to become a tree arborist and meet industry standards and rules. The arborist at Tree Solutions is always available to speak with our customers before, during and after any tree trimming or removal work we conduct.

Tree Arborist - Expert duties also include pruning trees, fertilizing them and planting new ones. If trees are damaged, tree surgeons take out the dead tree wood limbs in a way that doesn’t damage the remainder of the tree. Our experts will also create braces, to assist that trees remain solid and steady. The Arborists at our Company are in charge of checking trees for damage caused by negative weather and property situations - including damage done by insects and disease.

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